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welcome to assiment 7. today on our program. >> a family escapes hurrica katra only to have their lives shattered violence here in the bay area and also, doctor examine if your heart need immediate attentio plus.... >> a local credit union teaches union teaches life's most valuable lessons. >> a family moved to oakland to have a transplant but that was
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shattered when their young daughter was murdered. >> the grandfather was a fay moist bebop trumper, they could not escape it. >> and she says, all the time. >> shend her family did imagine to escape hurricane katrina. barely. her mother's businessnd the family's dreams washeaway in the flood. >> oakland was a place to start over, or so they thought. it was labor day, neighbors were outside barbecuing and this quiet neighborhood was rocked by gunshots. >> i don't even remember what happened after that.
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>> just stood straig up. you don't even know what you are doing. i stood straight up and i went to straht to hell with that phone call. >> a hell from which this mother has yet to emerge and a murder which police have yet to solve. desiree was walking with a friend when a red car pulled up. three men were inside. at least 20 shots were fired. she was hit twice. inveigators say this oakland senior with dreams of becoming a veterinarian was not the intended target and they don't know the identity of the shooter. the family is connced that other people do know bt they are not comin forward. >> it would be helpful if people overcame this becau people are still dying. >> as she lay dying.
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franklin ran ther side. >> nobody knew wha to do. i just kneeled down and immediately started to pray. >> he didn't witness the shooting but days later the neighborhood moved away. >> my respon was, well, i understand that but you try to reason with them. hey, you know if it was your daughter, if was your sister would you take the risk? >> someone clmed responsibility for the murder on myspace but police determined that it was amounted to nothing more than strt bragging. the key could be locating the intended target but investigators say they pbably moved away too before authorities could fin them. >> i mean as far as i'm concerned they are just as guilty as the shooters. >> painful journey to where she was shot is one she has made only a handful of times. >> give a hard time of moving
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on. >> moving on in a place where people may know who killed your daughter but won'tome forward is almost impossible. moving on in a city that was supposed to offer a better life may be impossible, too. >> we knew what was goin to happen down e ro you wouldn't have taken that.... ♪ >> who knew? that this would lead to this. >> i don't want to be here anymore there is a beehie of construction act ist on 880. heather isharu takes a closer look. >> there are three active projects on the 880 corridor.
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this rebuilt, hyde street retrofit and an upgra. two more are coming soon. phase one an two of rehabilitate go th road surfac between the fifth and hyde. >> we want to make sure that the public has a heads up on what is going on. there will be major traffic shifts and lane closures. >> the sectionf the bridge is done but completion is still three years away. the bridge will be slightly wide ber but the major challenge is working rectly over a railroad. >> you have to have a protective cover. having railroad flaggers if there is a train coming through, you have tget away from the tracks. >> at hyde street the new foundationare putting in but they have to be 60 feet farther.
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they wait for the new 92 bridge, when completed, the new interchange should eliminate the bottleneck thahas plagued the area for year. the solution is bridges. >> other bridges diving underneath others, you just build up. >> and then truck lanes between fifth and hyde. 1,000 concrete slabs will be replaced. it wil have major trafc impa. >> the folks that will be tralg to an a's game at night they'll see? of the construction. folks traveling fr the airport goinnorth. >> the last of these current projects should wrap up in 2014 but caltrans warns they alws have a wish list for more. heather ishimaru, "abc 7 news." >> ripley's belie it or not has been an official landmk
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sinc 1967 but the old one is now mor interactive. don an is which he has checks it out. >> they are unconventional group. a musician who has three legs. and at the auditorium as in nod. robert ripleyearched the world looking for bizarre and strange and unusual and put them in a syndicat cartoon strip. >> people said there is no way that can be real. and he said, you know what, i'm going to put them on the display. >> it has dwreon to 80 attractions, including 30 museums worldwide. this has at largest sea lion. a campbell bone sculpture. a car that was trapped for fiv days after ma prieta and
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shrunken heads, every museum has at least one. here i an egg. and bridal gown made out of toilet paper and barnum changed 25 cents to see a foern any mermaid. this artist created the bring out of a toothpick. they spent 5 amendment renovang the place making the exhibits more accessible. >> you get to play with them. you have 72 interactive. >> we are still fascinate. >> we just like to look for the unbelievab. >> in an area that is highech, this is throw back to anher type but ripley has embraced it, believe it or not. coming up, 7 on your side, a major biank caus amp oakland's
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i care about your fiber too. i have for a while. ok, carl. why don't you care about her fiber? hey carl. [ male annouer ] fiber one. cardbod no. delicious yes. it's tough enough for many families to make their mortgage payments. imagine making two payments on the same house. michael finney step in after an oaklans woman's bank made a mistake. >> lda has lived in her home for the entire 59 years of her life. she said she made her mortgage paymen of bankf amera by phone but they had no record of payment. >> i kept calling back every day being transferre from one department to anher and they never got it. finally they said, we got it. >> bank of america debited her house payment from her checking account at wells fargo. everything was fine until she learned her account at wes was
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overdrawn. >> not only that, you are overdrawn by $7352 that came out of your account the otr day. >> bank of america promised to investigate but days went by and her account remained overdrawn. >> called them back again, put on hold. i just love that music. >> more days went by. wells fargo hit her with $37 overdraft fee. that sloot of money living off of her social security check. she is legally blind and lives with multipl slayer eosz. >> it was $5 a day for every day i was overdrawn. those started adding up. >> that is when a friend told her this was indication on 7 on your side. >> i always watch channel 7 news
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and i watch 7 on your side. i called myself, but i never thought i would be in that position but i w. >> we contacted bank of america and they agreed to give her ba the overdraft fee. a spokesperson says bank of america apolozes for the mistake. all funds have been credited to miss jenkin's account and any fees have been refund got my money back, i was happy. a new generatio of stethoscopes that doctors use to listen to your heart and lungs is much more powerful tool. carolyn johnson has our story. >> he is an internist but the specialized stetscope offerings special expertise. >> some of this new technology can do analysis or diagnosis. >> it fits right in the stetdz
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oh scope. it records the patient's heartbeat and transmits to at computer via a wireless connection. >> the heartbeat is stored as an audio file and wave form graph. they anale the data and the timing of intensity of a heart murmur. >> it's very difficu for physicians to determine which cardiac murmur actually need to be sent to a cardiologist. this software has the ability to screen those out. >> the postable expertise is valuable forthe doctor that perform many of checkups in a mobile examine clinic. >> one of e things we do we send out our team. >> and interactive screen allows assistants to perform exams by
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walking them through the steps. >> recording protoco complete. >> and the information can be e-mailed to cardiac special ists at another location. mike is with 3 m which manufactures it. they recent sent them to haiti. >> they were able to record the heart and lung sounds that is trapped. >> they want to continue testing the device also at remote locations like the mobile unit. >> everything they told you and showed you is healthy. it also allows doctors and paramedics to amplify th sound up to 24 times. >> coming up, san francisco credit union is teaching young
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teaching cldren how to save money is one of life's most valuable lessons. a credit union in san francisco intruces kids to the world of finance. lyanne melendez reports. >> these are the clients, ages five tough ten. this is the bank teller, 16 years old. its real credit union called mission sf that uses a program. she puts 5 dollars into her play accoun and she sets a coal goal and she most deposited money for six consecutive months. >> so ther is an incentive to make those deposits. >> every time they make a deposit they get a raffle ticket. the prize is a laptop. >> all of this while earning a 3% interest rate on their ney, more than most conventional
7:49 pm
banks offer today. >> this is locate in san francio's mission district. the play program uses the same model developed by harvard universi. it teaches low income families how to save money. the concepof using kids is unique to san frcisco. >> one in two latinos -- >> they hope these kids will encourage their parents to open their own accounts and stop using check cashing places and pay day lender maria was an adult when he stirs stepped into a u.s. bank. >> it was out in california. >> he is only ten and he is saving up for an ipad. >> for example, i'm pumped and excited like a hurricane.
7:50 pm
>> one of the teenagers in the program dresses up like the interest fairy to motiva kids. little ones listen and more respective respective to their peers? >> they learn financial concep from their peers, it's wildly different than adult telling them you should save your money. it sticks. >> here is a 9-year-old describing a savgs account? >> you put money in and at the end ofix months you have a lot of money. >> and she talked to us about loans? >> a loan is using money but then you pay it back. >> s says her daughter has good financial habits? >> she says, i'm going to put my money away. she has a small savings at home,
7:51 pm
too. >> a study suggests when a family ses the children tend to have a higher academic achievement. it gives them ideas how to generate money by having a garage sale, setng up a lemonade snd, being rewded for good grades and recycling. >> you don't like cleaning up the house? >> no. >> the tellers encourage the smaller kids call the big dreamers to save while they themsees go through financial traing. they are called the money makers. jesse is one of those trained members? >> i love this. i love doing this. i got interested because it shows me more leadership and more responsibilities with other
7:52 pm
jobs. >> in san francisco, lyanne melendez, "abc 7 news." up next, a bay area woman who has become known as the who has become known as the mother teresa off were prese i want you t >>
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at three times more. go to what's in your wallet? are you a pisces? 85-year-old olga mur bring has an accompliment that is almost unbelievable. next time you think that one person can't make a difference, think of olga. >> she marks another birthda, ogga has a lot on to think about. she saved thousands of children from poverty and slavery. none of it would have happened without olga. >> 25 years o, she was about to retire from a lifetime spent as a lawyer. >> i was out with my friends but
7:55 pm
it's hard to believe. >> she took a vacation to nepal and found he future. it's home to some of the poorest people on earth. children who sleep in the streets and dig through garbage to find food. >> what they all want is to go to school. i said that is a i going to do the rest of my lif >> sh started giving scholarships, then she founded the nepal youth foundation which gave thus video. they opened group homes for children the rest of the society had abdoned. when we taed to her ten years ago, the homes were flourishing. >> it's reay wonderfu what they have and able to put those horrible things behind them. >> she was just getting started. half the children here are malnourished. first there was one
7:56 pm
rehabilitation center and now there is ten. the babies rive on the verge of death. >> these before and after pictures show e results. 5,000 transformed in a few weeks simply by improving their di zblet and then while this is going on, their mothers are being traed. >> next they are fighting child slaver >> the girls really go to school but are often abused but they figured out a solution. >> to bring the girls home. they raise a goat and can sell. >> 10,000 girls rescued. now, they have pledged $1.5 million. >> w didn start out to have a
7:57 pm
big program buthen you see the need, you think i can do somethg about that. >> it's a big program, but each succs is personal. she was rescued from the streets. he drew grew up in one of the group homes and came to the bay area f education. olga was at education. >> runaway kid and here he is from mba. >> she was severely bued with no hope of a good life. now thanks to her organizaon, she has extensive surgery d plans to be a nurse. she was one of 200 people in san francisco to wish alga a happy 85th birthday. >> she made each and every one of us feel real special. >> her supporters had another tribute. $100,000 donation. and olga is by no means slowing down. >> i don't think so.
7:58 pm
>> so we salute olga murray they call the mother teresa of nepal. to contribud to her foundation we posted a link at our website at if you want more information for our stories, go to our webte and look under the news links on the left side for assignment 7. that's allor this edion of assignme 7. i'm eric thos. thanks for joining us. we'll see u next time.
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